Keyhole Surgery!

We have had delivery of our Keyhole surgical equipment!

We are excited to offer keyhole spays going forward 😁

Keyhole procedures offer huge advantages:

🐕Significantly reduced post operative pain due to 2 tiny 1cm incisions and a ‘kinder’ surgical technique

🐕Return to exercise for your dog after 3 days instead of a 10 day rest period with traditional surgery

🐕Shorter surgical times resulting in safer anaesthetics

🐕Less complications post operatively.

🐕Improved visualisation for the surgeon within the abdomen

Like in human medicine more and more procedures are being done laprascopically and we are proud to be the only veterinary practice in the Grantham area able to offer this improved approach to spaying dogs over 8kg.

Please give us a call if you would like to discuss Keyhole spaying as an option for neutering for your dog.

This non invasive surgical technique can also be used to remove retained testicles, for gastropexy at spaying, biopsy of abdomen organs and other Keyhole assisted techniques.