The idea for Belvoir Vets was born out of a shared desire by Cees and Gemma to be able to offer the best care to local pets and owners in a way that looked to the future but had traditional values. The practice is purpose built and offers an exceptional level of care, with the full range of routine consultations, surgery and treatments you would expect from your vets, with ample parking to make your visit easy.

Cees & Gemma


Cees, Gemma and the team at Belvoir Vets are all highly experienced, local and share the same focus of looking after your pets in the best way possible. Importantly, we strongly believe in bringing back veterinary care that is locally owned and run, with vets and nurses you will build a bond with over the years. All our decisions are made locally and as clients you have direct access to the people who make those decisions. Our costs are not based on central budgets or corporate profits, we are impartial when making recommendations and will offer a spectrum of care options.  We employ local people and spend locally and most importantly we intend to be here for years with the same faces.

One of our central aims is to offer veterinary care to you where advice is tailored for each circumstance and based on a two-way conversation. Our relaxed feeling reception area and consult rooms are designed to help make that process easier and put your pets at ease.

Out of Hours


We know many people would love to be able to ring their own vets whenever there is a problem, be that in the middle of a Wednesday or at 2am on a Saturday, because nothing beats seeing a familiar and trusted face. To be able to offer the best level of clinical care to your pets in the day, sadly the same team cannot also work all night. Because of our many years in the veterinary industry we have made the decision to utilise the experts in emergency medicine and surgery at Sutterton Veterinary Hospital but also provide a great new telemedicine service called VidiVet that you can use before deciding to contact the OOH team. This means we can focus on being the best we can be when we are open and on the rare occasion you will need OOH help Sutterton Veterinary Hospital is there to provide expert emergency vets and nurses who are awake all night and who have access to your records as required. We will continue to offer 24/7 in-patient services where required and where suitable.



If you have a question or a concern about your pet and we are closed we would suggest you use VidiVet first, although you can always contact the OOH team at Sutterton Veterinary Hospital straight away in an emergency. As a practice we have decided to offer VidiVet for free to our clients so that there is a high-quality source of advice available all of the time. Ask them your pet questions and receive personalised, reliable answers, specific to your pet from the VidiVet team all in less than 5mins.


The VidiVet team will be able to tell you if your concern needs addressing by the OOH team immediately or can wait to see us. We would advise all clients to download the VidiVet App.



Vet bills can be costly. There’s no getting past the fact that no one likes paying a large and unexpected bill of any sorts and it can be made even worse when you are not sure what you are paying for. At Belvoir Vets we have given a lot of thought to keeping our pricing as simple as we can and we will always provide estimates for any work we suggest as well as discussing options for treatment. While we can never match online pharmacies on price we have also reduced our chronic drug prices to a fraction of what you would normally see at other clinics. We would always recommend pet insurance as well!

We would also like to make sure that accessing the best routine care for your pets is affordable and easy so have designed our Healthy Pet Scheme to do this, especially by including unlimited free consultations.

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